Whaddaya gonna do?

I can’t keep this to myself any longer so here goes…

Let’s start by saying this post has nothing to do with being and an attorney but one of my attorney friends.

We’ll call her “Amy” just to protect her identity, but let me tell you what happened.

She hired this amazing photo booth rental company called MaddoxBrand.com for an event she’s planned. That’s where things went south. It started with some rather ominous clouds the morning of the party and by mid afternoon…

It was raining cats and dogs.

And this was an outdoor/semi-outdoor event. Yikes! That’s ok though, because this party was “Lit” as the kids say nowadays.

There was a D.J., open bar and everyone was enjoying themselves until the rain started. People were scrambling to get under the tent but they were slipping and sliding. Mud caked her guests suits and dresses.

It was disastrous.

You could see the ladies eye contact with their escorts and you just knew they were conveying the message “Can you believe this is actually happening?”

Guests, the ladies in particular were obviously irked to say the least.

Sensing the situation was about to turn for the worse, the photo booth attendant started lining people up and handing out props for the mud covered guests to take there pics.

Then the D.J. played “Play That Funky Music” grabbed the photo booth attendant and ran out on the dance floor.

Slowly people stopped, stared awkwardly at the disco dancers and then—

one-by-one, they all joined them on the floor.

You’ve never seen such a sight.

What could have turned out to be the worst possible scenario became one of the most fun filled parties I’ve ever been to. Except for the ruined shoes and dresses of course.

So no matter what life throws at you it’s important to remember to try and have a good time, no matter the circumstances. Life is short, have fun and try dancing in the rain some time.

And hire a good D.J.






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