Divorce and How to Protect Yourself

Divorce is for sure one of the ugliest things in one’s life. It can naturally come as a surprise, or as a bubble that was just expected to burst, after too much tension.

Taking this in mind, it can lead to a long process, without an end. For most people, it is really stressful to be a part of this, and thus, they make huge mistakes or are simply not willing to cooperate and compromise.

This is way, most of the parties, actually decide to hire a divorce attorney in Grafton, who can aid and advise them.

The most important things that ex-partners fight about are finances and child custody. Taking this into consideration, it is crucial to do everything in your power, to protect yourself during the divorce process. I already mentioned, that as soon as you or your ex-partner fill in divorce papers, you should be searching for an attorney, because without it, your chances to come out satisfied, are low, given the complications that might occur.

If you are fighting a custody battle, there are few things that you might want or do not want to do:

  • Do not leave your children, better to stay not to move out of your home. If your spouse is living there as well, come to an agreement, of so called, time sharing.
  • Children cannot be taken to another state, as this can lead to further complication and longing of the process. This is a trick that a lot of spouses use, so try to prevent it.
  • Be open for a compromise and agreement, and demand joint custody right at the start, thus, if you benefit, even more, you will be more satisfied, as you did not set your expectations too high.

As of financial and property arguments, if you did not secure yourself in some way before divorce occurred, you might want to do it now:

  • The first thing you have to do is to cancel common cards if you have any. A common mistake is that a lot of people inform their ex-partner before they actually do so, and give the option to manipulate, by taking or charging the card for few thousands of dollars. As the money you had on it was joint, your debts are as well, so do not dismiss paying some of the debts, or even all, for easier settlement. After you canceled the card, politely inform your partner about your act. You should also take some sum of money from joint bank accounts, before everything is gone, and open a new one.
  • Cancel and cut back on things that you no longer in agreement with your ex-partner. If you have joint property or things you might want to sell them now, as later, after divorce process has finished, those will be counted as community property.
  • Move your important records and papers out of the home, and make duplicates of joint papers or contracts. Also record martial property, along with your ex-partner, or without, making an extra copy.
  • Take out all your valuable and emotionally-attached things from your house, as your ex-partner might want to destroy that.

Of course, you cannot forget that your own safety and integrity, might be at stake here as well, so you need to act on self-protection:

  • Keep track of what is happening during your day, and record calls with your ex-partner if there are any, just in case. Also if you are asked for a signature on any type of document, do not give it.
  • You should not overstress in the process, and try to keep calm, because there is likely going to be a lot of false claims made, mostly about your secret love life, or financial handlings.
  • At last in case you are getting threats or have actually been abused, call for police, and they should inform you on what you should do.

Remember, divorce is a thing that will likely mark your life in some way, so try do everything you can to protect yourself, and go through it as easy and unstressful as possible.

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