Whaddaya gonna do?

I can’t keep this to myself any longer so here goes…

Let’s start by saying this post has nothing to do with being and an attorney but one of my attorney friends.

We’ll call her “Amy” just to protect her identity, but let me tell you what happened.

She hired this amazing photo booth rental company called MaddoxBrand.com for an event she’s planned. That’s where things went south. It started with some rather ominous clouds the morning of the party and by mid afternoon…

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5 Traits of a Good Family Lawyer

Family matters, or relationship disputes, are pretty stressful, as it is. Considering that most have to be resolved in court, you can see that it usually turns into a non-ending process, with a lot of fighting and arguments, but no actual solution.

As soon as you enter the dispute, which you see as possibly complicated or stressful, you should search and hire an attorney. The fact that no one can dismiss is that a lawyer plays a crucial role, both in presenting your side in the process, and being a type of emotional support as well, as everything that is happening during that time can be pretty harsh and unknown to a client.

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Divorce and How to Protect Yourself

Divorce is for sure one of the ugliest things in one’s life. It can naturally come as a surprise, or as a bubble that was just expected to burst, after too much tension.

Taking this in mind, it can lead to a long process, without an end. For most people, it is really stressful to be a part of this, and thus, they make huge mistakes or are simply not willing to cooperate and compromise.

This is way, most of the parties, actually decide to hire a divorce attorney in Grafton, who can aid and advise them.

The most important things that ex-partners fight about are finances and child custody. Taking this into consideration, it is crucial to do everything in your power, to protect yourself during the divorce process. I already mentioned, that as soon as you or your ex-partner fill in divorce papers, you should be searching for an attorney, because without it, your chances to come out satisfied, are low, given the complications that might occur. Continue reading Divorce and How to Protect Yourself

How To Avoid a Custody Battle

Divorce has been on the rise for decades, with the current divorce rate in the U.S. at 50%.

Often those breakdowns and divorces lead to a custody battle and can get really messy.  Custody battles effect both parents and child and sometimes results in the children being used as a pawn, from a parent, which only brings fuel for the fire.

It just creates space for even more conflict between parents, after a custody battle, and odds of cooperation are even smaller.

After separation, most of the couples, do have disagreements about financials or who will be the custodial parent. Although the percent of people, actually going to court about custody is just 10 %, it is still a significant number, taking into consideration, how many people are getting divorced.

That term concretely can be harsh, and does not appeal to a parent who get the non-custody end of the stick. Another problem is that although the goal of this process should be to find out truth, and from that point determine to whom will custody be given, in this cases, it is hard, as a judge cannot know what actually happened, considering there are not enough reliable or relevant sources.

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Child Support: Your Rights

So before talking about rights that both sides have considering child support, it is important to address what child support actually is.

It represents a financial obligation, regulated by family law, that parents have to support their child during the maturing process. If a parent lives with a child, it is supposed that obligation is fulfilled, but there are different terms for non-custodial parents.

For example, if the court requires child support from you, you will have to pay a certain amount of money, until your child reaches adulthood age or when the court declares that child is independent. Continue reading Child Support: Your Rights

What is Family Law and How is it Helpful?

Family law is an area of law, which is focused on solving family matters from a legal aspect, such as marriage, adoption, divorce or abuse.

Principles, statutes, and precedents have been developed from common law, and each state decides for itself. Some laws and norms that are determined by individual rules are how marriage affects the property, or what the minimal age for marriage is.

Legal cases in a family setting could be related to various things:

  • Marriage, as well as unions and partnerships
  • Adoption, Surrogacy; Child Custody; Child support; Child abuse
  • Divorce; Annulment; Property settling
  • Paternity testing/fraud

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